Our PDR Training Course Curriculum


Curriculum - what we will teach you


PDR Skills Taught: Business Tactics Discussed:
. .
Analysing dent types Upselling (how to boost profits)
Dent removal strategy Expansion (complementary smart repairs)
Door dings Dealer lists & gaining contracts
Side panel dents Estimating: hail, door dings, larger dents
Creases large & small Works vehicle selection
Dents large & small Self promotion & business image
Body waves & use of slapper  
Tool selection & uses & tool making
Dolly on & off techniques
Polished hammer work
Reflections methods: fog, line, board, natural, hybrid  
Tip finding exercises
Identifying lows & highs
Blending techniques
Dealing with ridges, eyebrows & crowns
Finishing, sanding & polishing
Trim removal do's & dont's
Working panels on & off car
Hammer & tapdown procedures
Dealing with impact bars & bracing
How paint types affect your work
How to work aluminium
Dent core removal
How to avoid oil canning
Dealing with stretched metal
Glue pulling advanced techniques
Slide hammers use
Dent pullers & suction


Course Timetable


Course Duration:  40 hours

Our courses usually run from a Monday to a Friday, but each course is a minimum of 40 hours irrespective of the days, as we understand not everybody can take 5 days out.  We can tailor make a course to your individual requirements, including a weekend day(s).  So please just contact us if you would like to discuss an alternative schedule.

Hours:  09.00h - 17.00h with a working lunch

Refreshments: Lunch and hot/cold drinks are provided during the day, at no extra cost


We teach you PDR the fastest way possible and send you home able to start earning straight away

Your unique PDR paintless dent repair training course at Learn PDR Secrets.com has you removing dents beefire you leave the course.

Something we discovered first hand when developing our unique training experience was that too many training schools and teachers put strain on their students from the beginning. We know that students don't respond well to pressure.

By expecting students to learn simply by demonstrating, or telling them how to complete a task, only to then send them home to practice for many more months afterwards does nothing to resolve the two major obstacles in the way of the learning process in the first place: tension and anxiety.

Both tension and anxiety are normally associated with traditional PDR courses. These two are inextricably linked when learning any new task that involves mental agility and manual dexterity. Think back to learning to tie your shoe laces !

We believe our training is unique compared to other PDR courses, the student absorbs information and gains confidence without any responsibility to learn. We believe the responsibility to learn paintless dent repair lies with the teacher not the student.

On your Learn PDR Secrets course you are taught how to remove dents and creases confidently and calmly, ensuring you will be ready to start your own business.


The responsibility to learn lies with the teacher, not the student


Every minute of your Learn PDR Secrets course offers you valuable and vital information, both practical and theoretical. All in enjoyable sessions - we are very serious about what we do, but we also want students to relax and have some fun whilst they are with us !

With time for questions and answers at every step of your learning experience, you absorb and understand all our secrets along the way.


All the guidance you'll ever need


Plenty of 'over the shoulder' guidance is provided, but never in a way that doesn't allow you to develop at your own level. We at Learn PDR Secrets guarantee everyone exceeds their expectations.

Our unique ability to tailor lighting reflections to each individual students eyes ensures you develop quickly and master what used to take years to understand completely.

It does not matter if you are right handed, left handed, colour blind, wear glasses or contacts - we have even trained students with UV damage from welding. We simply dial you in to see what you need to see from the earliest stages, ensuring your time is spent removing dents and creases cleanly and effectively without making errors.

You will be given countless tips in what is a highly skilled and much sought after trade. Each course takes into account the individual needs of each student.

Our comprehensive 5 day PDR paintless dent repair courses, provide you with, all the tips, tricks and secrets to run your own successful smart repair paintless dent removal business, anywhere you choose.


Where will I be trained ?


At our new spacious and modern workshop in Maidstone, Kent. If you would like to visit us prior to booking one of our courses just contact us to make an appointment, we'd be happy to show you around. We have a comprehensive range of PDR tools and equipment to meet the needs of each course. Over many years we have developed unique secret training tools and methods that accelerate faster than before the learning of paintless dent repair.  We have free wifi and parking on-site, a dining/relaxation area and heating in winter months.

Please note: we politely request that all students turn off their mobile phones during the course in order to ensure 100% concentration.


Can you help me with my travel and hotel arrangements ?


Yes, its all part of our service. Most students ask us to help them find the best flight options and the most economical and comfortable hotels accommodation.

Please be assured we have vast experience getting all our students to our training school and back home again safely and economically.


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